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Home inspections, or property inspections, are a common contingency on a buyer’s purchase offer. The problem is, these inspections happen after a purchase agreement has been reached between the buyer and seller. Then, any adverse findings in the inspection report can cause re-negotiation of the price, a delay of the closing, or a canceled deal.

For Executors and Administrators, who have court timelines and beneficiaries to keep in mind, this is a time-consuming, stressful headache worth avoiding! It is far better to have the probate property inspected before you list it for sale.

There are 3 big advantages to a pre-listing inspection:

1. You get a professional, objective analysis of the property condition in writing, helping you avoid surprises later.

2. The property inspection report can help you decide whether to invest in repairs, or list the property “as-is” and price it accordingly.

3. Buyers appreciate it when sellers do pre-listing inspections! This gives them confidence in their purchase decision, resulting in top-dollar, all-cash offers with fast closings!

A seller may mistakenly fear doing a pre-listing inspection, out of concern that the findings could scare away buyers. But letting the buyers find issues through their own inspection, after you have a closing scheduled, is not in anyone’s best interests!

In our experience, performing a pre-listing inspection results in faster, more profitable sale. We have a network of experienced home inspectors and contractors at the ready for you.

For a limited time, we are offering a free property inspection package, up to a $1,000 value, if you register online! Reserve your free inspection today, and you will receive the service after you list your property with Maher Probate Realty.

We are a real estate brokerage company that specializes in the sale of residential and commercial probate properties. Our company was founded by a 20+ year real estate veteran and attorney. While we are not acting as attorneys on your behalf, our unique experience will help you avoid costly mistakes and enable the best sales results for the property. Let us help you today!