California’s Premier Probate-specific Real Estate Brokerage

Cleaning up a residence or commercial property before a probate sale can be an overwhelming task. Because of this, some executors accept low offers for the property “as-is.” This means a significant loss of value for the estate.

There is a better solution. Let us take care of everything and bring you the highest possible sales price. We offer complete clean-up and market preparation of the property, including:

· Landscaping

· Vehicle removal

· Relocation of tenants

· Trash removal

· Pest control

· Personal property removal

· Removal of unwanted equipment, appliances, etc.

· Deep cleaning

· Repair/Renovation Estimates

· Property repairs and updates

· Bio-Hazard Clean-up

We can also help you arrange the sale of any items of value. Our experienced team gets the job done efficiently, so that the property gets to market in good condition as quickly as possible.

Consider us your one-stop solution for real estate probate sales. We provide a seamless, worry-free experience while complying with all court requirements and delivering the highest possible sales price.

Learn more about how we can help you. Call 310-464-1453 today to schedule your personal consultation. There is no cost and no obligation.