California’s Premier Probate-specific Real Estate Brokerage



Just as your clients deserve somebody like you who knows how to effectively handle their probate case, you deserve a real estate agent who understands your needs and services you and gives you the comfort that your clients property will be sold at the highest possible price. Maher Probate Realty is specialized probate, trusts and estates real estate brokerage whose purpose is to help families navigate the probate process and sell their inherited real estate assets for the highest possible price. The company was founded and is overseen by Oron Maher, who’s been a licensed agent and broker for over 20 years and is also a licensed California attorney.

Our 6-Point Service Plan is Just the Start:

1.  Access to an Online Portal Where You Can Obtain Copies of Recorded Documents- this means that you will have all relevant recorded documents in one place, organized and updated in accordance with your requests.

2.  48-hour Turn-around Advisory Title Opinions- this means you will have the best solutions to challenging title situations quickly and competently.

3.  Free Lien Search- we will give you fast efficient access to liens, legal descriptions and encumbrances on properties, and give you our opinion on the best way to resolve those challenges in a real estate transaction.

4.  Free Copies of Recorded Documents- This means you can have the documents at any time and in any form you’d like- paper, email, cloud file, or all of the above. We’ll take care of it.

5.  Free Courier Service- We’ll handle all of the couriers and messengering between you and us and us and your client for free on any case for which we are the hired brokerage company of record.

6.  36-Point Marketing Plan for Probate Real Estate- this ensures that your client’s property sells for the highest possible price.

Let’s build a relationship. We want our team to be a part of your team, making your job easier and leaving your clients satisfied.

Call us today at 310.464.1453 or email at to discuss the status of any of your cases. For a free copy of our 36-Point Service Plan, click here.


Trust Maher Probate Realty with the sale of your probate or trust property, and if you are unhappy for any reason with our service or quality at any time during the listing period, and we can’t fix it to your satisfaction, we will honor your request to cancel our listing with no cost or liability to you. Simply put, we know we are the most effective probate and trust brokers in the business, and will cheerfully stand behind that claim.