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In pro Per



Depending on the estate, some petitioners may choose to appear in probate court without the representation of an attorney. However, probate documentation requirements are very specific. The services of a probate document company can help you avoid oversights that could be detrimental to the estate. Some fees are involved, but they are significantly less than that of a probate attorney.
The drawback: a probate document company cannot provide legal explanations or legal advice of any kind. They cannot tell you what to say in court, nor can they explain your actions to a judge. They only provide self-help services.

If you are considering filing probate “In Pro Per” without the help of an attorney, contact us for a referral to probate documentation companies in your area. We have relationships with many of these companies, and in some cases, we may be able to cover your document preparation fees.

Please contact us and discuss your situation. While we cannot provide legal advice, we can offer general information that could help you determine the best course of action. We can also refer you to knowledgeable probate attorneys for help with legal questions. Call 310-464-1453, or email