California’s Premier Probate-specific Real Estate Brokerage

There are times when placing a property for sale through the Multiple Listing Service is not the best approach. This is especially true when a cash sale is desired to achieve a quick closing, or, when the property is distressed, or both.

Probate properties can include unpleasant problems, such as:

  • Code violations
  • Pest infestations
  • Condition or safety issues
  • Zoning issues
  • Tenant issues
  • Poor design/layout
  • Neighborhood blight

Such properties can be impossible to qualify for traditional financing. The financing barrier makes listing through the MLS less effective, because only a small percentage of the public will be able to make a cash purchase.

In these cases, the fastest way to achieve a quick, cash sale at the highest possible price is to market the property directly to experienced investors.

Fortunately, we have a large network of qualified buyers suited for these properties. We work with thousands of real estate investors, developers, and buyers seeking properties with value-add potential. Our global database includes 100,000 buyers who are able and willing to pay cash.

We also have a list of over 4,000 licensed general contractors in the greater Los Angeles area. We can help you make repairs to the property, if desired, to achieve a higher sales price.

Our 20+ years of residential and commercial real estate experience, combined with our probate experience, local resources and global buyer network, make us uniquely qualified to handle tough properties and off-market sales.

No matter how challenged your property might be, we guarantee that we can bring you an offer.

We are a real estate brokerage company that specializes in the sale of residential and commercial probate properties. Our company was founded by a 20+ year real estate veteran and attorney. While we are not acting as attorneys on your behalf, our unique experience will help you avoid costly mistakes and enable the best sales results for the property.

If you want a hassle-free cash offer with a quick closing, contact us today!