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If you are selling an apartment building, commercial property, or other income producing property, you will need a targeted approach to selling the property. Simply putting the property on the MLS and saying, “great income opportunity,” like most probate agents do, is not going to cut it. 

Income and investment properties are sold differently than standard residential property. The difference is almost 180 degrees. 

For example, with apartment buildings, the buyer looks at multiple factors: cap rate, gross rental multiplier, price per square foot, price per unit, zoning and future development potential, upside potential in rents, pro forma rents, renovation cost, etc. 

There are also different avenues of selling investment real estate. In fact, a lot of investment real estate is sold “Off Market.” Properly selling investment real estate requires having relationships with investment companies, investment, brokers, and memberships to exclusive web portals like CoStar and LoopNet. Cold calling is also an extremely important way to sell investment real estate. 

Our team will review all of your property’s leases, the rent roll, the zoning, the upside potential, the renovation costs, the neighborhood developments, the neighborhood demographics, and other important factors to determine the best way to market your investment property. 

Our team has been involved with selling investment real estate for over 20 years. You can view our investment website: for more information on our commercial sales and listings.