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21008 Ventura Blvd, Woodland Hills, CA


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8601 Sunland Blvd, Unit 12, Los Angeles, CA 91352

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Welcome to Maher PROBATE realty

Maher Probate Realty is a full service real estate brokerage, specializing in probates, trusts and estates. Our purpose is to help families navigate the probate process painlessly, and sell their inherited real estate assets for the highest possible price. Our company was founded and is overseen by Oron Maher, an attorney who’s been a licensed top-producing agent and broker for over 20 years. We have uniquely mastered the art of properly serving all parties involved in the probate process including personal representatives, administrators, beneficiaries, and attorneys. In our service to you, we utilize an incredible 36-point service plan, conduct title advisory searches, strategize about how to solve challenges facing the property, and make sure we are meeting court requirements.

36-Point Service Plan

Advisory Title & Repair Analysis

Challenging & Traditional Sales

Court Compliant Transactions


Trust Maher Probate Realty with the sale of your probate or trust property, and if you are unhappy for any reason with our service or quality at any time during the listing period, and we can't fix it to your satisfaction, we will honor your request to cancel our listing with no cost or liability to you. Simply put, we know we are the most effective probate and trust brokers in the business, and will cheerfully stand behind that claim.

Probate is procedural in nature and has unique requirements that must be handled with the highest level of integrity and diligence.


Our probate Services include:

  • Cold-calling- we will cold-call tens of thousands of property buyers. We have that database, including phone numbers and email addresses and my team of 9 licensed agents will help me to cold-call all of them and show them the value in your property. We will do research on ADU's, JADU's, home expansion, historical preservation, front and rear yard setbacks, and properly market the upside potential to the right person over the telephone.
  • 36 benefits we offer estates that other brokerage companies don't;
  • Our 12-stage marketing plan ensuring that each of our listings sells for the highest possible price;
  • Email marketing to investors- Our company owns a list of close to 100,000 investors. We will send multiple email marketing pieces to each of these groups highlighting the potential to your property;
  • Email marketing to agents- We will email the property to approximately 15,000 real estate agents in LA County as well as parts of Orange County and San Bernandino County;
  • Online digital marketing- we will create (1) Facebook audience marketed ads using existing databases of investors that we have harvested over the past 20 years; (2) we will create Google Adwords campaigns that will drive traffic to your listing on our website;
  • Our 5-point title review plan;
  • Just Listed Postcard marketing campaign;
  • Our biographies, our core values, our mission statement, info on our team, previous client testimonials.

While some real estate agents may have done probate transactions, how many company's exist whose sole purpose is the sale of probate real estate. This is why no company is able to reach our breadth of marketing and diligence.

We only get paid at the close of escrow of your property, just like in a regular real estate transaction; and we charge a standard commission.

If you are going through the probate process and have real estate to sell, give us a call. It costs you nothing and if anything, gives you a chance to speak with the most sophisticated probate team in California. We look forward to speaking with you about your unique situation.

Proven results

Our expertise in the probate real estate process, combined with our customized strategies, systematic marketing and aggressive negotiation deliver the best possible outcomes for our clients. Our commitment to our clients is at the core of everything we do, and we work relentlessly for their success.  


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Are you considering the sale of your probate real estate? Let us show you the current market value and how to present your property for top-dollar offers. Our network of local and global commercial real estate experts are ready to work for you. Please complete the Market Evaluation Form below, and we will contact you promptly! 

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